The week ahead

A short update!

I’ve been sticking to my 500 words a day target and should have a short story to show for it. Some of my writers’ group pals are taking part in workshops in fiction and poetry so their progress will be interesting. I’ll be reading for the next week and trying to vary the output for the same period of time. To poetry or dialogue or description or something then.

My latest book stack à la Taidgh Lynch

Explanation to follow in a week or so’s time.

A plus tard, TÓL.



All your dreams are made…

Despite being chained to the mirror and the razor blade in the guise of exam marking, what have I been up to in the writing sense?

I managed to submit two entries (read one of them here ) to our very own what-is-now-becoming-a-monthly-competition at Killarney Writers’ Group. I’d get a D for attendance but it’s really cool to have the opportunity and I’ll do my bit in the next while.

I also managed to finally finish my story about poor Gerard “Geronimo” who finds himself marooned in the south-west of Ireland trying but struggling to fit in.

Oh, and I signed up for a course in proofreading! There’s a pattern of behaviour there somewhere!

Work in progress:

  • A Day of the Jackal type crime idea.
  • A story on emigration based around Dolores Keane’s Far Away in Australia.
  • A teenage boy who is trying to figure himself out (semi-autobiographical and a product of Nanowrimo).
  • whether this idea could become a play.
  • a blog post about the process of writing for Mash Stories.
  • a blog post for Killarney Writers’ Group.
  • a course in proofreading.
  • whatever else takes my fancy!


Today, it’s to the one about emigration and if I’m satisfied, I’ll take a stab at the proofreading. And so the boulder-rolling begins. Here’s to making it to the top of the hill and the adventures along the way! TÓL


Sisyphus and that damn boulder rolling


It occurred to me yesterday that Sisyphus must have experienced a massive rush after he’d rolled the boulder up the steep hill for the first time? I expect that he was no doubt mightily relieved, probably a touch self-congratulatory. But did he think ahead to what might happen next? Did he consider the possibility that it might just roll down again for him to start all over again?  I can’t say I feel like he did but after a solid month of marking exams, I’m ready to get behind the boulder again and heave. It strikes me that rolling the boulder up the hill is distinctly reminiscent of the writer’s existence and it might be interesting to document the challenge.

Needless to say my writing productivity has plummeted between the 18th June and 15th July but for probably the first time in ten years, I approached the task in a positive way and hope to apply some of that mentality to my writing.  So, with a different boulder at the bottom of the hill, I’ll provide at least a weekly update on my progress. See the next blog post here for more. Happy writing and reading! TÓL