Proverb prompts (seanfhocail mar ábhar scríbhneoireachta)

It being NaNoWriMo and all, I should be beavering away at my much-neglected novel but I’m not. Instead here’s an update on my progress in the last while.

  • My latest short work has nearly reached completion bar a few edits suggested by my writers’ group comrades.
  • A shout out to Taidgh Lynch though, who is doing his own November writing initiative by writing a poem a day for a month. One of his ideas is to write using a proverb as a prompt. This got me thinking and we decided to try to use the same proverb as a stimulus except that he’d write something in English and I’d write something in Irish. The proverb is: “Ní hé lá na gaoithe, lá na scolb” or “A windy day is not for thatching”. I’ll provide an update in time.
  • The whole proverb-as-a-prompt idea is one I’m pursuing myself also. I took the Irish proverb, “Níl aon tinteán mar do thínteán féin” or “There’s no place like home” and came up with a poem based on it. What’s maybe different is the fact that the poem relates more to the mangled version which plays on the words of the original proverb, i.e., “Níl aon tóin tinn mar dó thóin tinn féin” (There’s no sore backside like your own!) or, as translated by me, “It only matters if it’s relevant.” Here’s a draft with a version in English : An t-I-fón The I-Phone