The purple ones and productivity

the purple one

I haven’t been doing much structured writing of late (bar essays for college!) but here I am back with more routine in my life so it augurs well that it’s Saturday morning and I have an early draft.

I read a good bit over Christmas but a lot of the time I slipped into Claire Keegan’s no-no of watching a gabháil of tv. It was hard to avoid: Downton, Christmas movies, Oscar bait, the list goes on. I maintained some awareness of plot structure and characterisation but it’s so passive that it becomes a lair for constant hand-to-mouth feeding and easy entertainment.

Downton Abbey

When  it comes to pastimes and entertaining myself, I’m not one for reading books for my betterment. I have the best of intentions but it’s unlikely that I’ll keep going unless I’ve been promised a good read. I read everything from the newspaper business pages to Daphne Du Maurier (again!) to Michael Fullan on principalship. I also picked up Danielle McLaughlin’s Dinosaurs On Other Planets, E.R. Murray’s The Book of Learning (nearly finished), a book of Benedict Kiely’s short stories and The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid (thanks RP).

Writing-wise, I’ve begun a story about a man with a vision of his home town (on an island) who loses it all only to salvage something at the end. My problem as usual is how to keep the plot momentum going. I think I’ll do some research to try and find some help. Here’s to getting a little more down on paper every day. Much better than staring at the box and wondering if there are any more purple ones in the box!