work/life balance

Phillipe Petit

Philippe Petit                                                  Photograph: Alan Welner/AP

Work has taken over my life. Officially. But today I’m on a quest to reinvigorate myself, re-balance things. Here’s how it’s going:

  1. I met a friend yesterday evening; I’m meeting another today.
  2. I began a poem and a story this morning.
  3. I began a new book last night, The Girl on the Train.
  4. I’m researching Daphne Du Maurier’s life story.
  5. I’m going to find out more about Major Henry Arthur Herbert.
  6. I’m going to see Moll by John B. Keane tomorrow night in Macroom with LdeS.
  7. It’s sausages (the big fat gourmet ones), Tuly Irish rashers, fried eggs, tomatoes and toast for breakfast, washed down with some Lavazza coffee.

Gym, chopping wood, fire, walks, air, conversation, new words, perspective, leave my village to know my village, rugby, smiling, laughing, being me…


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